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Perfect Chocolate Pairings

Grocery stores and supercenters sell a wide variety of chocolate, from white to milk to semi-sweet and dark. Some chocolates pair better with different desserts. Here are some ideas to help to you match the right type of chocolate with your favorite Sara Lee Dessert.

  • ✔ White chocolate goes very well with tangy fruit, almost acting like a whipping cream. The sweetness and richness of white chocolate work well with key lime, peach, cherry and strawberry pies. You can serve these pies with white chocolate chips, a white chocolate sauce, or white chocolate shavings.
  • ✔ Milk chocolate is smooth and creamy, and compliments pound cake well. It also pairs nicely with tangier fresh fruits. For a real treat, serve pound cake with sliced strawberries, apricot preserves, or sliced kiwis, and drizzle with your favorite milk chocolate topping.
  • ✔ Dark and semi-sweet chocolate are most delicious with sweet, rich flavors, such as cheesecake, pound cake, or coconut cake, as well as sweet fruit, such as bananas, ripe pears, or mangoes. Delight your guests with a pound cake sandwich that has a layer of mango, whipped cream and dark chocolate chips. Or spread a thin layer of raspberry preserves on a slice of cheesecake, and drizzle with dark chocolate.